Learn How To Make Money In Cyber Security

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Do You Fall In Any Of These Categories? If So, Then This Course Is Definitely For You! Work From HomeParents Do the expense of child care keep you from working outside the home? Are you looking to make money while your children are napping or in school? Then this course...


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Do You Fall In Any Of These Categories?

If So, Then This Course Is Definitely For You!
  • Work From Home
    Parents Do the expense of child care keep you from working outside the home? Are you looking to make money while your children are napping or in school? Then this course is definitely for you.
  • Computer Security Expert
    Are you in IT, Cyber Security, Network Security, Website Development or any other computer base career that is not going anywhere? Are you tired of working for Corporate America? Well this course is your way out.
  • College Students
    Are you a college student looking for a way to make money, that will work around your busy college schedule? Do you want to learn real life business and marketing skills? Then this course is for you.
  • Unemployed
    Are you unemployed and have a family to take care of? Are the only opportunities you found are "jobs" and not careers? Are you looking for a career change? Do you need to start making money right away? Then is this course is for you.
  • Ex-Offenders
    Have you been in trouble with the law and the only job you can get wants to pay you minimum wage flipping burgers or digging ditches? This is the perfect course for you.
  • Secondary Job
    Are you looking for a secondary income, that will allow you to make great money without working hard and setting your own ours?

No Computer Experience Needed

You do not need any computer experience to learn how to make money in this nearly $1 Trillion industry. We will teach you how to market, sell and promote products and services with no experience. It does not matter if you are a stay at home parent, full time student, or a professional from any industry, you can make the additional money that you are looking for.

Life Changing Course For Computer/Cyber/IT Security Gurus And Experts

Today, every major University, community college and trade school offers some type of cyber crime training as a degree or certificate. What is not taught is what to do with your new found degree or certification, besides working for someone else.

It Does Not Matter if You are an IT or Cyber Security Expert Already, this Course Will Help You to Further Your Career.

  • If You are Tired of Working for Someone Else…
  • If You Enjoy Learning New Innovative Ways to Secure the Networks that You Already Protect…
  • If You Want to Find the Easiest Ways To Get New Customers…
  • If You Want to Get Your Company to Do Business in Foreign Countries…


Why Cyber Crime Pays


  • Cyber Crime Generates 5 Times More Money Than All Drug Trafficking In The World
  • Every 6 Seconds a Personal Computer Is Hacked Into
  • Over 30,000 Websites Get Hacked A Day, According To Forbes.Com
  • Over 150,000 New Small Businesses Are Started Each Year In The United States
  • Each Of Those Small Business Have A Website

How many friends and family members do you know that has their own small business? You can become a consultant to all small businesses.

Example Of What You Could Be Doing After Taking This Course.

How to become an expert and speak on different news stations around the world and consultant on Hollywood movies and TV shows.

8 Weeks Of Coaching

Once a week, for 8 weeks, you will receive new content as well as live, online and conference call trainings from leaders in cyber security, public relations, business, Hollywood agents, literary agents, social media experts and other experts. These industries leaders are prepared to teach you how to elevate your career, your finances as well as your life.

Once A Week, For 8 Weeks, You Will :

  • Call in on our live conference line.

  • Engage in live video chat on your cell phone or tablet.

  • Watch live via your computer. Watch or listen at your convenience, as all trainings are recorded.


 What You Will Learn


  • Learn How To Get Customers With Out Selling
  • Learn To Make Money From Parents, Attorney's, Private Investigators And Doctors
  • Learn How To Start Your Own Consulting Company
  • Learn How To Use The Latest Listening Devices, Counter Surveillance, GPS Surveillance, Spy Cameras And Lock Picking
  • Learn To Make Money Testing Customers Website And Networks For Hackers, With Know Experience
  • How To Create your Own App For Less Than $400 and With In 24 Hours
  • Learn How To Write A Books And How To Publish For Last Than $100
  • Learn How To Sell Athletes, Entertainers, Attorneys, Federal Government As Well As Consumers
  • Learn How To Sell And Market To Global Companies And Government
  • How To Make Money In Hollywood
  • Learn How To Get On Popular Talk Shows As An Expert
  • How To Market Yourself To Reporters And News Agencies
  • Learn How To Make Money As A Professional Speaker
  • How To Get Corporate Sponsors


What You Will Receive

  •  Certificate

    When You Register For This Training, You Become A National Cyber Security Affiliate.

    Once You Complete The Training, You Will Receive A Certificate As A "Certificate National Cyber Security Consultant".

  •  Company Email Address

    Once You Complete The Training You Will Receive An National Cyber Security Email Address.

    This Email Address Can Be Used For Business Purposes, If You Do Not Have Your Own Business Email Address.

  •  Get Your Own Company

    Phone #

    All Graduates Of The Program May Receive A Toll Free Number With A Extension Number.

    Callers Will Be Forwarded To Your Own Home Phone, Work Phone Or Cell Phone So You Can Speak To Your Clients Live.

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